mmQ Recordings

by Mihi Kim

Production audio et video, Paris, France

Audio and Video production, Paris area

Showcases and audio samples on Vimeo

My experience

I performed in more than 1000 concerts over the world, mostly on classical repertoire but also Jazz, World and contemporary.

Since I love flute and sound recording, I started to combine both and create my own studio recordings.

I can provide you an impeccable technical quality but also a very sophisticated and rich interpretation of any work.

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Current piano collaborations

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August 2022

My gear

MacBook Pro 2021 and Windows Laptop

TZ Audio Stella X2 Vintage matched pair

RODE M5 Matched pair as offset

Beyer Dynamic M160 pair

Steinberg UR44

Zoom H6N and P4

Yamaha Clavinova

Modartt Pianoteq 7

Logic Pro X and Adobe Audition

and multiple iPads

My flutes


Platinum CRESTA 2022

Type II silver

PB 202 (standard for World music and Jazz)

Trevor James flutes

Copper tube Alto flute with sterling Silver headjoint

TJ Rosewood model piccolo

Philipp Hammig Piccolo Grenadilla

Brannen Cooper 9K headjoint

Sankyo 9k silver mechanism flute

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France Flag Design
Flag of Germany
South Korea flag.
Round USA Flag

english spoken


Japanese and Spanish

Born in Seoul, Korea

Early life in Germany

currently living and working in Paris, France

French citizen and PEA agreed tenure professor of france

Flute studies started back in Korea

First discovered By Alain Marion

Music Education in Paris, France (DEM)

Music Education in Köln, Germany (Diploma) and Munich, Germany (Master)

Graduated the Paris Conservatory Doctoral programm (DAI) and Pedagogy

Awardee of the french national teaching diploma CA and CNFTP (Tenure) PEA Titul. HC

Grand prix Bayreuth Intl Competition 2000 and Special Prize of Rampal Competition in 1998

Miyazawa International Artist

Recording artist by MMQ recordings, Paris

Professor at the

Ecole Normale de Musique de Paris


Conservatoire Issy Vanves

Special competencies in contemporary music and piccolo

International touring artist

"Everyone these days has the fingers, the virtuosity.…. but the sound, the tone, that's not so easy."

- Jean-Pierre Rampal

Work with me


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øø Rue du chevalier de la barre

92130 Issy les Moulineaux



+33 6 353 444 03

+49 1522 1343 133